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Love By Katherine

Animal Reiki Session - 30 Minutes

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What is Reiki?
Reiki quite literally translates to Universal Life Energy. It is a stress relief technique originating in Japan that can strengthen ones own ability to heal. When your Ki- or life energy is balanced and flowing freely, your body’s organs can function well and bring you health and vitality. However, Ki can be affected by many things and our thoughts and feelings can play a significant role in this. When these thoughts are negative, they can remain in the body and disrupt and diminish the functioning of our body’s systems. When receiving a Reiki healing the energy works on these areas and helps to restore the flow of Ki or life energy.

What are the benefits of Reiki healing?
Physical healing
Enhances recovery from injury or surgery
Enhances recovery from illness
Reduces stress
Reduces inflammation
Assists with physical comfort in ageing.
Emotional healing
Relieve anxiety, stress, depression
Neutralize emotional trauma and triggers
Enjoy life and have more positive experiences
Release unwanted habits and install new positive habits
Clear negative thought patterns.
Support medical care
Spiritual healing
Increased life force energy
Renewed sense of purpose
Experience a deep sense of peace and contentment
Balance and harmonize your energy meridians and chakras

The 5 Reiki Principles:
Just for today….
I will not anger
I will not worry
I will be grateful
I will devote myself to my work
I will be kind and compassionate to all living beings

Can I receive an ‘animal reiki’ healing?
Yes- Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Animal Reiki are both forms of energy healing from Source (with different frequencies) that practitioners’ channel to promote relaxation and healing within their clients. The energy itself can adjust the healing according to who is receiving and deliver it where it is needed. Reiki is a gentle and painless healing practice that is deeply relaxing and therapeutic for all ‘animals’ however because I am trained and attuned to both frequencies the energy itself will decide what is appropriate.
What is distance healing?
It is the same treatment as in person yet it is done remotely. We organise a time and whilst I give the reiki session, you can relax some place quiet to receive. It works just the same as in person treatments as the frequencies transcend time and space and will be received by you wherever you are whenever you set